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- Eliminarea discriminarii salariale din Sanatate prin trecerea personalului de suport tehnic-economic-administrativ din Sănătate în Anexa 2 din Legea Salarizarii nr. 153/ 2017, alaturi de întregul personal care lucrează în spitale.

- Introducerea personalului de suport tehnic-economic-administrativ din Sănătate in randul beneficiarilor stimulentelor și sporurilor pentru COVID-19.

- Acordarea majorarilor de 25% conform tranșelor anuale prevazute de Legea 153/2017.

- Acordarea vaucerelor de vacanță. 


TESA'S VOICE  it must be heard  for   in the  We are Romania  thousands of  employee  injustices in the TECHNICAL-ECONOMIC-ADMINISTRATIVE sectors  from Health !!!

When no one appears to us and when we feel unrepresented by some who just mimic us  defend  ,must  to  we are aware  like ONLY US,  UNITED BETWEEN US, we will succeed  we defend ourselves and get out of the shadows  in which we are thrown every time  in the  within the system  Romanian sanitary  !

       Anyone who works in a hospital  he knows the whole  TEAM  it also matters that this mechanism  it can't work  if a part  his doesn't work!

Without us, those in the non-medical support sectors (technical-economic-administrative-auxiliary)  from  HEALTH,  no hospital could work!

  However, LAW 153 on SALARY has caused serious discrimination  between the different categories of health employees!

  We were simply divided into FAVORITE and DISCRIMINATED!

  The legislators also treated us  look at it as an unimportant second-hand staff and not as part of the TEAM in each health unit.

    witness  ignoring our studies and professional training. We are  permanently placed on other annexes than those of HEALTH, thrown through corners of laws and ordinances, sent to "other categories", "etc", "others".    

No one will hear our voice unless we unite  !

No one will hear our voice if we do not raise it nationally!

The TESA Health Union is the only trade union organization in the country whose main CLAIM is  ELIMINATION OF SALARY DISCRIMINATION IN HEALTH but needs the support of every employee who feels discriminated against and humiliated!
That is why it is necessary for all those who feel discriminated against to come with us in order to constitute a POWERFUL FORCE at national level.
Contact us and we will tell you how you can get involved so that TESA'S VOICE IS HEARD IN THE HOSPITAL WHERE YOU WORK!

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  staff  working in the health system is a UNIQUE  TEAM.

Every professional category is a part  of a UNITARY COMPLEX MECHANISM  which makes operation possible  whole  system   sanitary and of each  sanitary unit  in part.


Our principles  for which  I was fighting  as a foundation   SOCIAL JUSTICE  and  EQUITY   in the health system.

Payment laws  and the rights of employees in  the health system must take into account and treat without  discrimination ALL STAFF in office  of studies  , professional training, the importance of the work done  and experience.


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